Sustainable Ecosystems LLC

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Self-Contained Ecosystems

Our production takes place in a controlled ecosystem, named THE BOX, constructed inside a highly insulated 40ft. shipping containers we built ourselves. Based, on our experience and expertise on global sustainability and by following sustainable development principles (actually 10 of the 17 goals established by United Nations) we construct for our company use and for customers around the world sustainable green nurseries to produce microgreens, herbs and mushrooms.

These production facilities are tailor made, following customer requirements and the locations where they are put into operation. Besides the unit, we deliver the know-how to operate it and the system to produce the above-mentioned products.

Microgreens Grown to Order

Microgreens are tiny edible green vegetables and herbs that grow by absorbing nutrients directly from the seeds in the presence of light. These greens are a powerpack of nutritious, vitamins and flavors.

Our microgreens are seeded and grown in soil and/or a growing medium of organic origin. We grow microgreens under LED lighting tubes imitating natural sunlight, in a controlled eco-system with low humidity, pre-established temperature range, controlled air and water flow and water quality. Our production is organic within a clean environment.

Most varieties of microgreens we produce require 1-2 weeks growing time. Few of them require up to 4-6 weeks. After the leaves are fully expanded the Microgreens are ready to be delivered to restaurants or to people and families in our community.

To consume microgreens, we recommend harvesting by cutting them above the soil or surface medium and without any roots. Some Microgreens are delivered while still growing, rooted in the soil or another growing medium so that they can be cut by the end user.

Due to our commitment to sustainable growth microgreens, our production system is continuously involving aiming to minimize the use of fresh water, energy and land surface, without compromising quality and our pursue of maximize production of nutritious and tasty food.

Microgreens are primarily used as a fresh flavor ingredient in upscale restaurants, especially restaurants with strong emphasis on both the creative presentation and flavor of their dishes. Besides to team-up with restaurants in our area, we aim to make microgreens also available to people and families in our community in a convenient and affordable way.